tweeterena christmas edition Gratis para iPhone y iPod Touch

Esta disponible Gratis tweeterena christmas edition, uno de los clientes de Twitter de pago que podemos encontrar en la App Store está gratis por tiempo limitado para el iPhone y el iPod Touch en su christmas edition con algunas mejoras que pasaremos a mencionaros a continuación.

Las mejoras incluidas en esta edición especial son las siguientes:

✔ 5 beautiful christmas tweeting themes
✔ tweeterena nativity theme
✔ tweeterena snow theme
✔ tweeterena gift theme
✔ tweeterena santa theme
✔ new magic start up sound
✔ other christmas sounds
✔ treat – holiday season sounds
✔ save a draft message
✔ includes standard tweeterena theme for when the holiday season is over so you can still use it!

Otras mejoras:

✔ twitvid support – tweet video (3GS only)
✔ ad free
✔ custom font sizes
✔ automatic twitlonger
✔ full size profile image
✔ save profile images
✔ quick tap ‘my profile’
✔ gps nearby searching
✔ twitter search with save
✔ twitter trends
✔ image upload support
✔ auto rotate tweet view
✔ landscape keyboard
✔ optional left hand controls
✔ inline web browser
✔ automatic url shrinking
✔ block / unblock users
✔ follow / unfollow users
✔ scroll to unread tweets – magic scroll
✔ auto refresh – magic refresh
✔ conversation views
✔ optional sound effects
✔ vibrate notification
✔ unread tweet badges
✔ quick tap to newest tweet
✔ full cache memory
✔ manage your favorite tweets
✔ browse your friends and followers
✔ @mention support
✔ view your public timeline
✔ direct messages
✔ retweet function
✔ auto support

Puedes descargar la aplicación en el siguiente enlace.

tweeterena christmas edition | 0.99 € | Descarga

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